Set amidst on beautiful and natural scenery of lush tropical landscape, Alam Boutique Villa is also designed for luxury living experience yet privacy for intimate romance celebration for honeymooner and couple. Each unit of its intimate romantic villa is built at 250sqm offer spacious 1 bedroom private villa complete with freestanding bathtub, open shower and spacious bathroom area. Individual private pavilion or open veranda for living area with full set of kitchenette. Surrounded by exotic atmosphere, beautiful interior and fully facilitated private villa, feel free to choose your language of love individually set through each unit of it romantic honeymoon pool villa.

Upon your arrival, you will be indulged by friendly staffs and flower crown and relaxing foot-bath ritual. Relax and rejuvenate with romantic spa or indulge your taste buds with daily tea and close the day with in villa dinner choices based on your mood, before going back to your private romance villa. In the morning, start your day with luxurious breakfast choices before going for tour throughout Bali or relaxing in the villa with your lover.


Wedding ceremony mixed your feeling of excitement and tiresome together due to energy and time-consuming arrangement. It is time to whisk the bride away to a dream vacation for two lovers in the middle of nowhere to unwind, relax and recharge with more love and compassion. Celebrate your romantic indulgence while nesting in your private romantic pool villa. Show your commitment by pampering your bride to an entirely pleasing getaway end to show that you truly love her.


Enter the preseason of intimate journey by abiding more in each other, celebrate your new page of journey as you dwelling into a romantic bath rituals where you leave all you have in the past and embrace the new life that awaits ahead of you. Feel the privileged to be treated as royals by our Romantic Royal Dinner under the dazzling stars.


Posses Her and Obsess Her. Temptation is the signature love theme private pool villa that represents eroticism with its honeymoon stool, transparent sexy shower room, emotional shower and diagonal bed positioning. It is a burning romantic determinism to thrill lovers to live their dreamiest romantic experience. Create your own seductive love quotes, set them up in the bed at every our turn down service and express your obsessed eroticism in your love bliss.


Explore new ways to celebrate your love with our special romantic experiences. Either you are newlyweds looking for a hideaway for your honeymoon, engaged couple who want to get married without having to hassle about guests and big reception, married couple who want to have vow renewal or just looking for a moment to relax surrounded by nature, we will deliver it to you, right to your villa.

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